Pössel, Markus
Markus Pössel
Leiter, HdA und Leiter, MPIA-Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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Raum: H-517
Simon Glover
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Institut für theoretische Astrophysik, Universität Heidelberg

Cosmology Block Course 2014

Lecturers: Simon Glover & Markus Pössel, SS 2014

Tutor: Alberto Rorai

The cosmology block course, MVAstro4, features a detailed presentation of the cosmological standard model, the cosmological evolution and structure formation for students with special interest in astronomy and astrophysics, in particle astrophysics and in theoretical physics. It is recommended in the MSc Model study plan „Astronomy/Astrophysics” for the 2nd semester. (Here is the organizational slide, PDF, 57 kB).

Lecture plan (time: 9:15 am [9 am c.t.] to 12:30 pm)

28 Jul Introduction, general relativity, Friedman equations (MP; slides PDF 8 MB)
29 Jul Cosmological models, distance measures, age of the universe (MP; slides PDF 630 kB)
30 Jul Thermal history, primordial nucleosynthesis, recombination (MP; slides PDF 1.3 MB)
31 Jul Linear perturbations, power spectrum, non-linear regime, gravitational lensing (SG; lecture notes PDF 385 kB)
1 Aug Spherical collapse; Cosmic microwave background part I (SG; lecture notes see 31 Jul)
4 Aug Cosmic microwave background part II (SG; lecture notes see 31 Jul)
5 Aug The very early universe, inflation, Dark Energy (MP)

Exercises will be on the same dates, 2-4:30 pm.

Instead of exercises, there will be an exam (pass/fail) on August 5. Students who fail the exam may opt for an oral examination.

Please note that you will only get credit if you also attend the cosmology seminar.

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