Individual Visualization Projects

These are some individual visualization projects ...

The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (ASPECS) is a 3D survey of gas and dust in distant galaxies. more
Collapse of a 1 solar mass molecular cloud core as it transitions through the first and second collapse stages more
A new nanocalorimetry technique for characterization of the energetics of low-temperature surface reactions.

Explanatory video ... more
3D visualisation of VLT/MUSE data for NGC628. more
The starting point of this project was the 2D numerical particle simulation of planetesimal formation by Andreas Schreiber. The standard visualization is simple particle splatting in 2D and rendering all snapshots as an animation. However, because of the shearing-sheet boundary conditions, this method is inappropriate to track the forming planetesimals. more

Polar galaxy merger

CALIFA reveals prolate rotation in massive early-type galaxies: A polar galaxy merger origin?

Movie produced for Athanasia Tsatsi
Magnetic fields as revealed by Planck can be visualized by means of the Line Integral Convolution technique. more
3D tomographic reconstruction of Lyman-alpha absorption more
Reconstruction of the distribution of gas around low-redshift, Milky-Way-sized galaxies more
Gas density distribution of a young giant molecular cloud in the Milky Way more

Projects with Externals

Polar Night

Animations explaining polar day and polar night (on behalf of Marco Polo Film AG).
Short movie explaining how the shadow of a black hole emerges and how the distorted view of a thin accretion disk looks like. more
Isosurface based visualization for detailed visual exploration of high resolution, multi-variate astrophysical simulations. more
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