Multi-Coordinate-View for Core Collapse Supernovae visualization

Supernova simulations are often performed in spherical coordinates due to the inherent spherical symmetry of the problem and also because this allows for the resolution of fine details close to the center of the explosion. Direct volume rendering of these data sets transformed into Cartesian coordinates yields visually appealing visualizations. However, due to the very high resolution in the center of the simulation domain, details are difficult to track. Also, many physical phenomena of interest correspond to very sharply localized regions in the simulation domain. For such situations, the use of isosurfaces is a sensible alternative.

We have developed an isosurface based visualization for detailed visual exploration of high resolution, multi-variate astrophysical simulations. Different linked coordinate representations help to identify fine structures close to the center of the simulation domain as well as structures deviating from spherical symmetry and temporal evolution of structures. To facilitate interactive exploration of the data, clipping geometries can be defined in any of the coordinate representations and will then be communicated to every other view.

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