The HdA as a venue for meetings, conferences etc.

Scientific exchange is one of the mainstays of our work. Key to our success is the Haus der Astronomie as a venue for conferences and meetings. The Klaus Tschira Auditorium, which seats 100, and two smaller workshop rooms that seat up to 50 each, make HdA an ideal venue for smaller meetings as well as for larger conferences with up to 80 participants.

In particular, HdA is used by Heidelberg's astronomical community as a meeting place and conference venue. But, depending on the type of event, we're also interested in co-operation with astronomers from elsewhere. If you have an idea for an event held at HdA, don't hesitate to contact us!

External events

HdA is, of course, all about astronomy and related fields. But we're aware that our building is an attractive venue for non-astronomical companies and organizations, as well. Subject to availability and type of event, it is possible to rent all or part of the HdA - and a number of businesses from Heidelberg and beyond have already made use of this opportunity. Whether you're interested in a board retreat in a unique atmosphere, a meeting with your clients or internal company workshops - feel free to contact us. If interested, you can also book an interactive presentation in our digital planetarium.

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