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The House of Astronomy can be found on various social media. There you have the opportunity to interact with us - as a personality, and often spiced up with a little bit of humour - about our daily routine at HdA, about upcoming events, or interesting facts from astronomy and astrophysics - and beyond. We would be pleased to have you as one of our friends, subscribers and followers! You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which informs about events at the HdA (in German).


Our Twitter account @HdAstro is embedded in an international network of institutions and individuals who have taken up the cause of making content and knowledge - not only from the fields of astronomy and space exploration but also from GLAM sector: museums, libraries and other cultural institutions - available to everyone digitally and, if necessary, by unconventional means. We twitter in English and in German.


Similar to our Twitter account, our Facebook page provides information about news from HdA, the astronomical research institutes and other institutions in Heidelberg and the surrounding area, takes up topics from astronomy and space exploration and invites for discussion.


Our Instagram account shows astronomical images - current images as well as those from the archives of Heidelberg's research institutes - photos and videos from everyday life at HdA and event announcements, supplemented by entertaining information from our friends and behind-the-scenes impressions from HdA in its stories. The latter particularly appeal to a younger audience.


On our Youtube channel, we post self-produced videos which deal with topics from astronomy and space exploration or related areas at irregular intervals. Some of these videos are related to educational projects in which we are involved, or coupled to press releases from Heidelberg's astronomical research institutes. Shorter video sequences are often also posted directly in other social media. Our YouTube channel is also home to our online lecture series Faszination Astronomie Online, which features different speakers and astronomical topics live in German every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm for half an hour.

We use social media to show you content from our everyday life, current events in astronomy and space exploration, or from the field of astronomy education, which we assume might be of interest to you. In doing so, we make every effort to ensure that no one's copyright or personal rights are violated. Please contact us immediately if your rights have been violated. Of course, we are generally pleased to receive feedback, suggestions for improvement and comments. Please note, however, that liking, sharing or retweeting does not imply a general endorsement or support. The same applies to accounts that we follow or have subscribed to and the opinions they may represent.

Social media offers you a way to contact us directly. However, although our accounts usually respond quickly, we cannot guarantee a response there. Especially for urgent or official enquiries, you should therefore always additionally contact us by phone at +49 6221 528 160 or by e-mail to info@hda-hd.de. We will remove offensive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate comments and content as quickly as possible and reserve the right to exclude accounts from our social media pages who repeatedly interact with us in such a way.

Our social media channels are not monetised. If you see advertising together with our content, this is on behalf of respective platform and happens against our will.

Terms and conditions for participating in social media competitions can be found here.

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