Heraeus Summer School: Astronomy from four perspectives

Heraeus Summer School: Astronomy from four perspectives

The Heraeus Summer School series "Astronomy from four perspectives" draw together teachers and teacher students, research astronomers and astronomy students from Germany and Italy. For each summer school, participants gather at one of the four participating nodes: Heidelberg, Padua, Jena, and Florence.

The next edition of our summer school will take place in Jena, Germany.

Each summer school has an overarching astrophysical theme. The schools so far have been:

If you are are a teacher from the Heidelberg area, or studying to become a teacher, and would like to join us in Padova this year, please contact Björn Malte Schäfer (contact info on the right).

The German-Italian summer schools are funded by the WE Heraeus Foundation.

Each summer school is a combination of lectures by scientists and science educators, presentations by the participants, organized discussions and excursions. Before their joint meeting, the participants from the different nodes have already prepared for the topic at hand at their home institutions.

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