Participants of the Heraeus Summer School 2022 in front of Haus der Astronomie

Heraeus Summer School 2022: Exoplanets

From September 5 to 8, 2022, Haus der Astronomie hosted the WE Heraeus Summer School "Astronomy from Four Perspectives: Exoplanets". 48 participants from Heidelberg, Padova, Jena, and Milano – teachers, teacher students, astronomers and astronomy students – explored the world of exoplanets, the various ways of detecting exoplanets, planet formation, exoplanet atmospheres and the earch for life on exoplanets. In addition to the science, participants also explored ways of introducing the various facets of the subject on a high-school level.

The summer school "Astronomy from Four Perspectives" is part of a cycle involving German and Italian cities. The previous summer schools of the series have been held in Heidelberg (Cosmology 2013; The Dark Universe 2017), Padova (Active Galactic Nuclei 2014; Multimessenger Astronomy 2018), Jena (Gravitional Waves 2015; Gravitational Lensing 2019) and Florence (Star formation 2016, Galaxy Formation and Evolution 2021). The series is made possible through generous funding from the WE Heraeus foundation.

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