Private tours

Due to staff shortages, individual guided tours are unfortunately not bookable until further notice.

Would you like to visit the astronomical institutes at the weekend or in a small group? Or are interested in spending an evening observing at the Landessternwarte? 

Our partner, the Astronomieschule e.V., is able to accommodate such requests. The Astronomieschule e.V. is an association that works closely with the Haus der Astronomie. Working in a voluntary capacity, the association’s members complement and enrich the various HdA offerings outside the normal working day hours. This is especially the case regarding weekend and evening tours, as well as private tours for small groups.

Our tour begins with a visit to the Landessternwarte and its historic telescope. If the weather is good, you will have the opportunity to observe the sun. You can experience the size of our solar system by following our planet path and hold a shooting star in your hand. At the end of the tour, we will go to the Haus der Astronomie, where you will be invited to take a brief trip through the Universe.


Observation evenings at the Landessternwarte and special themed tours are also offered by the sponsors of the Landessternwarte and the Astronomieschule. On such observation evenings, visitors will have the opportunity to look through a telescope and observe planets, stars and nebulae with their own eyes. Observation evenings start when it’s dark enough, usually an hour after sunset at the earliest and we use the historic Bruce Telescope at the Landessternwarte. Since it’s only possible to observe if the weather is good, we have an alternative programme in case of bad weather, which includes a visit to the observatory and the Haus der Astronomie, as well as a tour through the stars in the HdA planetarium.

Both tours last approx. 2 hours. For pricing, please contact Ms. Schwemmer.

The Förderkreis der Landessternwarte Heidelberg e.V also offers special themed tours, in particular on the history of astronomy since astronomical research has been conducted here at the Königstuhl for 120 years!

Family-oriented workshops, for instance for children’s birthday parties, can also be booked via the Astronomieschule e.V.

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