Public Journey through the Universe

Please notice: This public event is held in german.

Fly with us to the end of the universe in the digital, interactive Zeiss Planetarium at the Haus der Astronomie and ask everything you ever wanted to know about the universe along the way.

We start with travel preparations in the foyer of the Haus der Astronomie. Here you can find out details about our architecturally very interesting building and equip yourself with basic astronomical knowledge for your journey in our small exhibition.

In the Planetarium, we usually start from Earth and fly out into our solar system via the International Space Station ISS. There we can fly to and orbit all the planets and their moons – please decide for yourself which of them we fly to! The images shown on the planetarium dome are composed of real images from space telescopes and space probes.

The journey then continues through the Milky Way and to distant galaxies. And maybe we'll even manage to fly to the end of the universe?

The space flight is led by an experienced astronomer and tour guide from the Haus der Astronomie team, who can answer your questions and, of course, fulfil individual travel requests from the audience. Would you like to explore the moons of Jupiter in more detail or fly through the rings of Saturn? That can be arranged!

But one thing is certain: in the end, you will land safely back on earth. 

The great journey through the universe is suitable for people aged 14 and over.
Events for children can be found here.

The event lasts approximately one hour and 15 minutes - the duration also depends on how many questions come from the audience.

The entrance fee for the Public Journey through the Universe is 7.00 € per person.
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