Group Astronomy Tours at the Königstuhl

Are you interested in the astronomical facilities at the Königstuhl and would like to find out more about the research we do? The three astronomical institutes at the Königstuhl, HdA, MPIA and Landessternwarte (LSW), offer joint guided tours. The minimum group size for tours is 12 people, up to a maximum of 45.

The tours are led by doctoral and masters students of MPIA, who are able to impart a lively impression of the research activities at the institute.

We usually start the tour in the Klaus Tschira Auditorium at the HdA, where we provide an overview of current research projects. This is followed by a short presentation in the HdA digital planetarium. During the tour, we show you various research exhibits of the institutes at the Königstuhl. On request, it is also possible to visit the historic telescopes of the Landessternwarte as part of the tour.

Please note that tours must be booked in advance and are only offered on normal working days between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (start time).

Duration of the tour: approx. 1 hour 45 minutes.

Group size: 12 - 45 people.

By arrangement, tours are available in English and German language.

The guided tours are part of the public relations work of the Max Planck Society and the Centre for Astronomy at Heidelberg University and cost 6.00 Euros per person. Payment is made by invoice after the event.

The astronomy tours at the Königstuhl are not designed for school classes. You can find our special programme for classes of all ages and kindergartens here:

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