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The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (ASPECS) is a 3D survey of gas and dust in distant galaxies. It focuses on the best-studied cosmological deep field, the iconic Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

ASPECS project page:

ASPECS interactive JavaScript applications:

Multi-Wavelength ImageView

Navigate through the unique multi-wavelength dataset that is available for the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Drag the cursor in the map to move around the map center, and scroll to adapt the zoom.
Direct External Link: Multi-Wavelength ImageView

Constituents of a Galaxy

The budged of ordinary (i.e., baryonic) matter in the Universe and within galaxies, as a function of cosmic time. As cosmic time increases, the amount of baryons in galaxies grows. Inside galaxies, the initial gas-dominated phase changes towards a stellar mass-dominated regime observed today.
Direct External Link: Constituens of a Galaxy


Explore the 3D structure of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (where the third dimension shown here corresponds to the cosmological redshift of the sources), and highlight the galaxies detected by ASPECS in their dust emission.
Direct External Link: Galaxies

The applications were developed in cooperation with Fabian Walter.

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