Thalia - THor dAta visuaLIzAtion

The THOR project is a northern Galactic plane survey (15 < l < 67deg and |b| < +-1deg) in HI, four OH, and 19 H alpha recombination lines as well as in the L-band continuum from 1 to 2GHz.

THor dAta visuaLIzAtion

Thalia is a standalone software written in C++/OpenGL to visualize data from the THOR survey.

The software runs on a 65'' 4k TV with an Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4112 CPU @ 2.60GHz and a NVidia Quadro P5000 with 16GB GDDR5 and 2560 CUDA Cores. The installation is located in front of H. Beuthers office at MPIA.

The main focus of Thalia is to show the THOR/HI continuum @ 1.4GHz using arbitrary color maps and navigate inside this data set without delay.

On top of the continuum, three SNR catalogs (Green, THOR, and WISE) can be overlayed.

The THOR masers (OH_1612, OH_1665, OH_1667, OH_1720) are indicated as colored glyphs and can be immediately accessed by their ID.

The spectrum of the masers as well as the spectra of HI and CO can be shown in a separate window where two spectra can be shown at once. For that, the user picks either a single position in the continuum window or selects a circular region to obtain an averaged spectrum.

HI and CO can be shown in 3D (latitude-longitude-velocity) also using direct volume rendering techniques (line-of-sight, maximum-intensity-projection, transfer function).

Information abour the THOR survey can be found here.

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