Images and Videos


The MPIA Campus
Aerial photographs of the MPIA campus in spring 2020. more
The HdA Building
After its construction and opening in 2011 and 2012. more
Lightboxes in the HdA building
The HdA building features a chain of backlit images. Here, we show and describe those images. more


Fascination Astronomy Online (German videos)
From mid March 2020 until early in May 2023, we have broadcast a 30-minute talk on a topic from astronomy and astrophysics plus questions live on Youtube and Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. Here you can find an overview of all the videos that have been broadcast. more
Raum für Bildung (German videos)
Understanding physics - completely weightless (German videos)
A collection of YouTube videos related to the educational materials of the "Space for Education" project more
Astronomy explained briefly (German videos)
Most of these videos were created as part of the "Flipping the Cosmos" project, funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As part of this project, we are converting our astronomy course for student teachers of high school physics at Heidelberg University to an inverted classroom format and active learning. more
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