Concert on the 200th anniversary of the death of William Herschel

Cooperation between the Haus der Astronomie and Heidelberger Frühling

March 25, 2022

In 1822, Wilhelm (William) Herschel, one of the most influential astronomers in history, passed away. To mark the occasion, the International Heidelberg Spring Music Festival, together with the Haus der Astronomie, will be holding a lecture concert on 30 March 2022 in the auditorium of the New University in the heart of Heidelberg. HdA staff member Markus Nielbock will give a talk about Herschel's life and work as a musician, composer and astronomer. The Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Johannes Klumpp will play four compositions by Wilhelm Herschel. The viola virtuoso Sindy Mohamed will complement the orchestra.

William Herschel was born in Hanover in 1738, but lived in Great Britain from 1756, where he also died on 25 August 1822. Before he became famous as an astronomer and influenced astronomical research until today, he had a successful career as a composer, musician, soloist, conductor and concert organiser. Herschel came from a rather poor background, but through his music he rose to become a prosperous and respected figure in British society. His discovery of a new planet in the solar system, later christened Uranus, brought this career to an abrupt end. Herschel was appointed King's Astronomer and moved from fashionable Bath to the vicinity of the royal residence in Windsor for his further studies. There he built the first large telescopes with which he revolutionised astronomy.

As Wilhelm Herschel combines the disciplines of music and astronomy like hardly any other personality, the Heidelberger Frühling International Festival and the Haus der Astronomie are celebrating him in the 200th year of his death with a lecture concert. HdA staff member Markus Nielbock will talk about Herschel's life, music and astronomical research. Mr Nielbock's interest in Wilhelm Herschel was sparked by his work for the space telescope named after Herschel, which explored the universe between 2009 and 2013. The musical part will be provided by the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Johannes Klumpp. Sindy Mohamed will enrich the concert with the viola. In the course of the evening we will hear the following compositions by Wilhelm Herschel:

When? 30 March 2022, 7:30 pm

Where? Aula of the New University of Heidelberg

For further information on the concert and a portal for booking tickets, please visit:

Heidelberger Frühling

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