Take a virtual tour of the House of Astronomy!

July 01, 2021

The House of Astronomy invites you to take a virtual tour - the grounds, the striking spiral-shaped building and its exhibition are now accessible from your home computer as part of an app.

At least virtually, the doors of the spiral galaxy-shaped building on the Königstuhl are now opening: With the help of a browser-based app, visitors can now explore the House of Astronomy online here.
Both parts of the exterior grounds and the most important interior rooms of the House of Astronomy become accessible. You can even use our rotating star map in the foyer directly!

Those who wish can also explore the building as part of a small rally, in which questions must be answered based on the exhibits of the House of Astronomy.

The virtual tour begins in front of the spiral-shaped HdA building on Heidelberg's Königstuhl, which was completed in fall 2011. The building's client is the Klaus Tschira Foundation. The spectacular design by Darmstadt architect Manfred Bernhardt (Architekten Bernhardt + Partner) is modeled on the shape and dynamics of the spiral galaxy M51.

The virtual tour was created by Dr. Thomas Müller, who has been working as a visualization specialist at the House of Astronomy since 2016. Müller is also the creator of the astronomical apps that the House of Astronomy makes available for educational purposes.

Das physische HdA-Gebäude auf dem Königstuhl ist aufgrund der Pandemie-Situation nach wie vor für den Publikumsverkehr gesperrt.

Link to the virtual Tour through the House of Astronomy

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