Fischer, Olaf
    Olaf Fischer
    Scientific Staff, HdA
    Phone: +49 6221 528-162
    Room: H-514

    Bi-national Heraeus Summer School on Cosmology at the HdA

    August 22, 2013

    Since Sunday last, Haus der Astronomie has been a meeting place for teachers, teacher students and astronomers from Germany and Italy, here for the bi-national teacher training "Astronomy from four perspectives: Cosmology". Participants of the summer school are hearing lectures by Heidelberg astronomers, present their own projects and classroom materials and discuss the role of astronomy in schools in Italy and Germany.

    In the coming years, the teacher training series, which is financed by the W.E. Heraeus Foundation, will continue in Padova (2014, Topic: Active Galaxies), Jena (2015, Gravitational waves) and Florence (2016, Star formation).


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