Many of the HdA activities – described systematically under What we do and listed according to target groups under Information for... – are run as part of long-term partnerships that are detailed below:


"EU Space Awareness", an education project for school children of all ages [more]

Explore Science

Explore Science events run by the Klaus Tschira Foundation in Mannheim [more]

Faulkes Telescope Project

Giving schools access to the telescopes of the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network [more]

Foundation for Interactive Astronomy ans Astrophysics

Showing young people that science is fun [more]


Research project with talented highly talented school pupils [more]

Heidelberg Center for Latin America

Collaboration with Chilean colleagues on outreach and education projects through the University of Heidelberg [more]


Looking for asteroids with school children using data from the Pan-STARRS telescope [more]

Joachim Herz Foundation

"Space for education" project on ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s Horizons mission [more]

Life Science Lab

Extracurricular project work with school pupils interested in astronomy [more]

Research Station

Klaus Tschira Centre of Excellence for early science education [more]

SFB 881

Public outreach for the Collaborative Research Center 881, “The Milky Way System” at the University of Heidelberg [more]

Science Academy

Intellectual challenges that go far beyond the school curriculum for pupils in Baden-Württemberg [more]

Science to Schools

Every month we provide new teaching materials on current articles in Stern und Weltraum magazine [more]


"Universe Awareness" for preschool and primary school children [more]

Clube de Astronomia Louis Cruls

Astronomy education project in Brazil [more]


"Space for education" project on ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s Horizons mission [more]


German-language public outreach for the European Southern Observatory [more]

ESO Supernova

Our sister institution at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Garching, near Munich [more]

In addition to these partnerships, the Haus der Astronomie depends on direct collaboration with a number of people who are involved in science communication. In this regard, both the astronomical research institutes in and around Heidelberg and the Mannheim Planetarium play a key role.

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