Celebrating Jakob Staude

Friends and colleagues have converged on the HdA to celebrate Jakob Staude, who's officially retired now

November 15, 2011

Friends and colleagues have come to the Haus der Astronomie to celebrate astronomer and science communicator Jakob Staude.

At the symposium, those who worked with Staude over the course of this thirty-something-year career on the Königstuhl mountain described his scientific work and his tireless effort for solid science outreach – in particular his role as the long-term editor-in-chief of the popular astronomy magazine Sterne und Weltraum, and the key role he played for the "Science into the schools!" project and for the Haus der Astronomie.

While Staude is now officially retired, we are glad to learn that he will continue to accompany HdA as its senior mentor. We congratulate Jakob, and hope to have him with us for a long time!

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