Carolin Liefke appointed Deputy Managing Scientist of Haus der Astronomie

July 27, 2022

Since HdA began operations more than ten years ago, we have been growing steadily, taking on more tasks – such as, most recently, hosting the International Astronomical Union's Office of Astronomy for education – and, thanks to the support of our partners and to third-party funding, more staff. Given all this, it's high-time to get more organised: Effective immediately, Dr. Carolin Liefke, who has been part of HdA staff since 2010, has taken on the role of deputy managing scientist for Haus der Astronomie. In that role, she joins HdA managing scientist Markus Pössel in setting the future course of our institution and in managing day-to-day affairs.

Carolin Liefke says: "The development of the Haus der Astronomyie since its foundation is an unprecedented success story, and I am very proud to have played a part in it. Now I am looking forward to actively helping to shape HdA's future course."

Markus Pössel says: "This is a long-overdue reorganisation. In effect, Carolin has been supporting me in HdA leadership tasks for years; I am glad that she will now get the public recognition that work deserves."

Carolin Liefke is employed by Heidelberg University, one of the partners behind Haus der Astronomie. At HdA, she has been responsible for research experiences for high-school students, including HdA's participation in the International Asteroid Search Campaign. She is also responsible for HdA's own roster of telescopes, and is involved in training future physics teachers at Heidelberg University.

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