Fulldome Visualization

A planetarium is an ideal projection surface for astronomical visualization. Besides is common application to show the nightly stellar sky, its particular large field of view is helpful for closer looks at objects as it offers a visually broader context and a nearly 360° panoramic view.

by T. Müller and M. Pössel.

Contribution to the 2019 Fulldome Festival in Jena. more

Musikalische Sternstunde – Gustav Holst: Die Planeten

Fulldome presentation with UniView by T. Müller and N. Fischer

Konzert mit Live-Musik des Ensembles ,,Stardust Sinfonie''
by T. Müller, E. Bopp, H. Klahr, A. Krieger, and S. Wolf

Contribution to the 2018 Fulldome Festival Jena. more
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