Research Station

The Research Station at the Klaus Tschira Competence Center for Early Science Education gGmbH, which is headquartered in Heidelberg, is funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation and is an institute affiliated with Heidelberg University of Education.

Its aim is to spark an interest in science among nursery, kindergarten and primary school teachers so that they can discover the world together with children. In line with this approach, the Research Station focuses on continuous training courses, providing appropriate experiment ideas, practical research and the qualification of young scientists. You can find more information as well as the current program at

In partnership with the Haus der Astronomie, the Research Station offers the Sun, moon and stars training course for nursery school teachers and the Discover space course for primary school teachers. By going on a journey through the Universe, participants discover how easy it is to observe and experience astronomic phenomena through experiments in their own classrooms. Having successfully completed the course, the Research Station and the Haus der Astronomie offer a second workshop called Night sky picture book.

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