ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Center

Our sister institution at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Garching, near Munich

The ESO Supernova is the counterpart of the Haus der Astronomie and is located at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) headquarters in Garching, near Munich. As with HdA, the building housing the ESO Supernova – which resembles a close double-star system with one star transferring mass to its companion, culminating in an extremely bright supernova explosion – was gifted by the Klaus Tschira Foundation and was opened on 26 April, 2018.

The ESO Supernova offers the general public the opportunity to discover the wonders of the Universe and get to know the world of the European Southern Observatory through an interactive exhibition spanning almost 2,200 m2 over several floors, as well as regular shows at its digital planetarium. The center also runs special workshops for school pupils of all ages, which were developed together with the Haus der Astronomie. Going forward, HdA will continue to collaborate closely with ESO Supernova in the field of astronomy education.

The ESO Supernova is a cooperation between ESO and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS). The facility is run by ESO.

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