Collaborate with the Office of Astronomy for Education

There are various ways for scientists, educators and scientific institutions to collaborate with the Office of Astronomy for Education.

To begin with, there will be numerous occasions for individual scientists and educators to collaborate with us. Creating, evaluating and disseminating resources and educational activities, and for highlighting best-practice examples are all tasks that the OAE will only be able to complete with support from the astronomy education community. In order to stay up to date regarding collaboration opportunities, please consider subscribing to our OAE mailing list.

We are always interested in collaborations with institutions that are active in astronomy education. If we have not previously been in contact with your institution, and you would like to register your interest in a collaboration, please drop us an e-mail! We'd love to hear from you. As we ramp up our operations, we will also be reaching out to institutions active in astronomy education around the world.

There are also some more formal collaborations. We have recently (mid-February 2020) put out the call for National Astronomy Education Coordinators, and we will soon publish the first call for prospective OAE Centers and OAE Nodes. You can find more information here:

Description of the role of the National Astronomy Education Coordinator Teams (NAEC Teams), including information on how to become a NAEC [more]
Description of the role of OAE Centers and OAE Nodes [more]
Call for abstracts and speaker suggestions [more]
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