Chronology of the Office of Astronomy for Education

25th August 2021 - Winners of the IAU OAE Astrophotography Contest announced

15 March 2021 – Eduardo Penteado joins OAE as OAE Coordinator

March 2021 OAE Center Italy Founded

13 January 2021 - OAE launches an astrophotography contest with the deadline set to April 15 2021

1 December 2020 - Saeed Salimpour joins OAE as Astronomy Education Research Coordinator

9 February 2020 - Start of the International Astronomy Glossary initiative

6-9 October 2020Shaw-IAU Workshop 2020

1 June 2020 – Niall Deacon joins OAE as Interim OAE Coordinator

1 May 2020 – Juan Carlo Muñoz joins OAE as Interim OAE Coordinator

1 April 2020 – Gwen Sanderson joins OAE as OAE Organisational Assistant

29 February 2020 - Call for Centers and nodes - deadline 10 June 2020

13 February 2020 – Call for nominating the National Astronomy Education Contacts goes out to the National Committees for Astronomy or National Member Organisations, with the deadline set to 28 February 2020. Self-nomination is also possible, cf. this page


31 January 2020 – Constituting meeting of the OAE Steering Committee, which consists of Teresa Lago, Susana Deustua, Coryn Bailer-Jones and Matthias Bartelmann

9 January 2020 – Open positions for OAE advertised: 5 year postdoc in astronomy education research, organisational assistant, 1 year interim coordinator

17–19 December 2019 – 1st Shaw Prize-IAU Workshop on Astronomy Education in Paris, dedicated to discussions for the future role and network of the OAE in the community

17 December 2019 – OAE hosting agreement signed by IAU and Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

28 November 2019 public announcement by IAU that Haus der Astronomie has been selected to host the OAE

30 June 2019 – Deadline for proposals. By this date, the IAU receives 6 completed proposals.

28 February 2019 – IAU invites 9 institutions to submit a full proposal to host the OAE

31 December 2018 – Deadline for Letters of Intent. By this date, the IAU receives a total of 23 LoIs.

31 October 2018 – IAU calls for Letters of Intent to host the Office of Astronomy for Education.

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