Contact information

Fischer, Natalie
Natalie Fischer
Scientific Staff, HdA

Phone: +49 6221 528-165
Room: H-510
Scorza, Cecilia
Cecilia Scorza
Scientific Staff, HdA

Phone: +49 6221 528-291
Room: H-512
Fischer, Olaf
Olaf Fischer
Scientific Staff, HdA

Phone: +49 6221 528-162
Room: H-514
Liefke, Carolin
Carolin Liefke
Scientific Staff, HdA

Phone: +49 6221 528-226
Room: H-515
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HdA for pupils

Our workshops (which, upon request, can be held in English) give visiting groups of pupils hands-on experience with astronomy - with age-appropriate modules ranging from orientation in the sky and the basics of the seasons to experiments in infrared astronomy. For 2 to 3 hours, pupils learn about our Solar System, the life of stars, or possibilities for exploring Mars.

Other offers for pupils – these exclusively in German – include nightly observation programmes, participation in a yearly "Girls' Day" geared towards female pupils who are interested in science, and joint internship programmes for students in grades 9 and 10 ("BoGy" - career orientation for high-school students) or for grades 10 and 11 (MPIA astronomical internship program). Also, we regularly take part in the International Summer Science School Heidelberg for international students from Heidelberg's partner cities (and some partner organizations).

There's no more immediate way to get involved in astronomy than to do some research on your own! To this end, we cooperate with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration's asteroid search programs for school groups (notably with the involvement of the Pan-STARRS telescope); for particularly talented and motivated pupils, we offer individual support with student research projects (e.g. measurements of exoplanet transits, or work with publicly accessible survey data).

Whom to contact for additional information:

Elementary school: Natalie Fischer

Grades 5-10: Cecilia Scorza

Grades 11-13: Olaf Fischer

Student research: Carolin Liefke

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